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My setup:
Yamaha RX-V781 connected to HDMI 2 on LG OLED65C7.

Devices connected to Yamaha receiver:

HTPC (HDMI1), Apple TV 4k (HDMI2), PS4 Pro (HDMI3) and cable tv tuner (HDMI4).

Only device which supports HDMI-CEC is the Apple TV 4k. (if you press the input button on LG OLED remote, you see the Apple tv as a sub device to the HDMI2 input)

I have to enable Simplink on LG, and HDMI control on Yamaha to get ARC, because I want sound through ARC for smart-tv apps like Netflix, Prime video etc.
When enabling this, and I use for example Netflix, the Yamaha receiver automatically switch to the assigned input for ARC. (AV1 on receiver)

My problem is that when leaving the smart-tv app/platform and back to HDMI2 (where I have 4 devices connected), it ALWAYS switches to the input for the ATV 4k (HDMI2 on receiver), regardless of the last input was for example my HTPC (on HDMI2 on receiver)

So freaking annoying, because I use a Harmony remote with activities, and the activity for HTPC is chosen but the receiver changes input to Apple Tv... then I have to choose another activity (PS4 for ex) and the back to HTPC...

How can I stop the HDMI-CEC on Apple TV? Or do any of you see another solution?
It sounds like your receiver is sending a wake commands over HDMI CEC that the Apple TV reacts to (and takes priority on HDMI2). PS4 Pro also supports HDMI CEC but as far as I recall it has to be enabled manually from the menu (which I guess it isn't right now?).

What happens if you go to 'Remotes & Devices -> Control TV and receivers' in the Apple TV settings menu and turn this option off? I haven't tried but I think it disables HDMI CEC.

PS: It won't help you with your current TV but you are trying to do will hopefully be simplified in the future with HDMI eARC because it allows the user to connect everything directly to the TV (and have full-quality audio passed through HDMI eARC) instead of having it loop it through a receiver.
I have tried turning off the two options under "Home cinema control", but it didn't make any difference.
Actually the Apple TV is still listed underneath HDMI2 as in the picture I added (imgur link).

Yes, I started the PS4 to see, and the "enable HDMI Device Link" was not checked in the menu as you guessed.
I turned it on, and then I had PS4 Pro along with Apple TV under HDMI2 on the input list. Tried to switch to the Apple TV using that list, but then it just went back the PS4 automatically. Like the PS4 Pro hogged the connection. Turned it off again... :) (and turning it off actually worked compared to turning off home cinema control on the ATV :( )

Edit: Considering buying a HDMI NON-CEC Adapter (if it supports 4K HDR passthrough that is)